Nowadays, the automotive industry has to face lots of pressure of escalating the production as well as reducing the production cost. To deal with that, they need reliable solutions for high speed cutting with precession machining capabilities which can boost their productivity.

New revolutionizing PVD coatings have countered this necessity very profitably for automotive industry. Third generation coatings consisting of various nano-structured, multi-component, multilayered structures are playing a vital role in enhancing the per tool productivity with enhanced cutting speeds and feeds. As per the applications, the coating structures can be customized to tackle the extreme cutting conditions.

SMT realized these constraints and initiated provided solution to the automotive industry with our knowledge and over 25 years of hands-on experience in handling various advance surface treatment technologies. We provide solutions to tools like Hobs, shaping cutters, high speed end mills and drills for CNC machining, etc. Also, to various components like piston rings and pins, wear protection of light alloy automotive components using low friction coatings on sliding components such as valve stems or connecting rods to seize. SMT’s range of low friction, wear resistant PVD coatings deposited on the sliding automotive components reduces the energy loses, abrasive and adhesive wear (galling), plastic deformations and hence improve the efficiency.