High performance coating for high speed machining

SMT-ALTIS is a wear and oxidation resistant aluminium titanium silicon nitride alloy coating deposited by the State-of-the-art physical vapour deposition (PVD) process.

SMT-ALTIS is a multi component coating which provides high coating hardness combined with low friction coefficient at elevated temperatures. This helps in providing a stable cutting edge as well as good chip flow during machining applications such as deep hole drilling. An Optimum Alloying of silicon in the AlTiN coating structure enhances its wear and oxidation resistance properties which allow it to be used in high speed dry machining. Due to the formation of a thin, dense Al2O3 surface scale below (Al2O3, TiO2, SiO2)-intermixed inner scale which inhibits the outward diffusion of metal atoms and inward diffusion of O. SMT-ALTIS has a dense coating structure which provides high hardness as well as toughness even at elevated temperatures. The thickness range is 1-4 µm and can be tailored as per application.

SMT-ALTIS Properties Features
• Hardness: 3300±200 HV • High wear resistance on the cutting edge
• Oxidation Temp: 10500C • Low friction in the flutes
• Surface Roughness (Ra ): 0.3 µm • Easy chips removal
• Friction coefficient: 0.4 • More holes in less time
• Wear coefficient:3.0 x 10-14 m2/N • Excellent for high speed machining
• Coating Structure: Multilayer  
• Colour: Red brown/barley  

Drilling and Milling Used for Forged materials, hardened materials machining, Suitable for deep hole drilling
High speed machining Useful for dry machining of hard material(>54 HRC) at high speed with less tool wear
Coating Performance  

Tool: Carbide drill, Ø 8 mm

Workpiece: Steel 1.0503 (AlSI 1045, S45C)

Cutting parameters:

vc = 80 m/min

ft = 0.25 mm/rev

Vb = 0.15 mm


Tool: Ballnose endmill, Ø 8 mm

Workpiece: Steel 1.2344 (AlSI H13) HRC 52

Cutting parameters:

vc = 320 m/min

ft = 0.12 mm/rev

Vb = 0.12 mm