SMT- 2267

High Performance Coating for cutting application with low friction coefficient

SMT-2267 is a titanium carbo-nitride coating deposited by the State-of-the-art physical vapour deposition (PVD) process

SMT-2267 is highly wear resistant and hard coating providing solutions to lots of applications like high speed cutting, stamping, punching etc. SMT-2267 provides higher hardness and lower co-efficient of friction than titanium nitride (TiN). Addition of carbon atoms in the TiN FCC crystal structure enhances wear resistance property and also reduces friction co-efficient of the coating. The graded structure improves the impact toughness of SMT-2267 coating that widens the range of its application in various industries. It is not, however, a replacement for all TiN applications. SMT-2267 is recommended for cutting, punching and wear applications where moderate temperatures are generated. SMT-2267 coating displays its special strengths in tapping and thread forming, high load punching and metal forming applications. The coating thickness range is 2-3 µm and can be tailored as per application

SMT-2267 Properties Features
• Hardness: 3200±400 HV • Excellent wear protection
• Oxidation Temp: 500oC • Excellent Corrosion resistance
• Surface Roughness (Ra): 0.2 µm • Excellent adhesion
• Friction coefficient: 0.40 • Low co-efficient of friction
• Wear coefficient:3.5 x 10-14 m2/N  
• Coating Structure: Graded/ Multilayer  
• Colour: Copper  

Hobs and Broaches Enhances productivity and precision in gear cutting application
High speed Cutting Performs well in cutting alloys steel, stainless steels where moderate temperatures are generated at cutting edges
Stamping tool Enhances the cutting finish of component and life of tool
Punches, trimming dies, Its high hardness prevents edge rounding and improves tool life blanking dies and shearing blades
Extrusion dies Reduces friction and wear at the die surface
Die casting Sheet metal bending and forming. Reduces scoring marks, material sticking, galling
Coating Performance
Tool: Carbide endmill Ø11mm
Workpiece: Inconel 718
Cutting parameters: vc = 50 m/min
Depth of Cut: = 0.5 mm = 50 m/min
Wet machining