Titanium Nitride

TINUM-n is a special application pharma grade coating designed to provide superior wear and corrosion resistant together with inherent anti-sticking property deposited at low temperatures to suit pharmaceutical metallurgical challenges in tablet compression. It is titanium nitride hard coating deposited by the State-of-the-art physical vapour deposition (PVD) process.

SMTPL’s TINUM-n coating provides good wear protection in Tablet compression applications. TINUM-n coating has hardness above 2500 HV and its extremely inert nature protects it from abrasive & adhesive wear, galling and welding. TINUM-n provides good tip protection while compressing abrasive formulations. The pre-coating in situ Plasma cleaning enhances the adhesion of the coating with the substrate. TINUM-n coating is a Biocompatible and can be utilized in various pharmaceutical and medical industries without any hesitation. TINUM-n coating is recommended for tools compressing abrasive formulations into tablets. The coating thickness is kept around 2 microns and can be modified as per application conditions. Tool life increases minimum 2 to 3 times with improved tablet finish compared to uncoated tool.

  TINUM-n Properties

  • Hardness: 2700 ± 200 HV
  • Oxidation Temp: 6000C
  • Surface Roughness (Ra): 0.15 µm
  • Friction coefficient: 0.60
  • Wear coefficient: 4.0 x 10-14 m2 / N
  • Coating Structure: Monolayer
  • Deposition temperature: 1500C
  • Colour: Golden yellow


  • Good wear protection
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Biocompatible
  • Good Corrosion resistance
  • Act as a solid film lubricant
  • Low friction coefficient