Multilayer Chromium Nitride

SMT   PVT LTD’s MCROMA-n is a pharma grade CrN based wear and corrosion resistant multilayer hard coating deposited by the State-of-the-art physical vapour deposition (PVD) process.   

SMTPL’s MCROMA-n coating provides superior performance and toughness over monolayer CrN coating. It has excellent impact resistance or shock resistance due to its hard and soft multilayer structure, enhancing the toughness and ductility of the coating. During tablet tooling application, when high loads are applied during compression, the spring action nature of multilayer structure does not allow crack propagation towards the surface even after long usage. Consequently, eliminates picking chances, which restrict formulation sticking. Inert nature and low surface energy of MCROMA-n coating does not allow any chemical reaction with surrounding environment which further reduces the chances of sticking. MCROMA-n also has excellent corrosion resistance, credit to its multilayered structure which blocks the porosity in the coating structure.  For Tablet tooling application, coating thickness in kept around 2 to 2.5 microns.

  MCROMA-n Properties

  • Hardness: 2200±300 HV
  • Oxidation Temp: 7000C
  • Surface Roughness (Ra): 0.12 µm
  • Friction coefficient: 0.50
  • Wear coefficient:5.0 x 10-14 m2/ N
  • Coating Structure: Multilayer
  • Colour: Silver-Grey


  • Excellent Corrosion resistance
  • Good wear protection
  • Good ductility
  • Good oxidation stability
  • Biocompatible