Functional Coatings

Formerly, the prime function of coating was to protect and decorate substrates. Growth has occurred in the development as well as commercialisation of coatings which have novel functions in addition to traditional protection and decoration properties. Coating deposition technology is also evolving, broadening the utilization domains of these functional coatings.

SMT's Functional coatings range provides solution to various industries like Cutting tools, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Injection Moulding, Stamping, Medical etc., from adhesive, fatigue, erosion & abrasive wear losses, corrosion, galling, sticking, high temperature instability, bio-compatibility etc. SMT's Functional coatings with wide range of nano-structured, multilayer and multi-component coatings are designed to perform in severe conditions. SMT's Functional coatings are utilized by various industries mentioned below: