MF Magnetron Sputtering

Although magnetron sputtering has inherent limitation to produce high density ionized gas during thin film deposition process, research fraternity kept on exploding these limitations with technological innovations. MF magnetron sputtering is one of such innovation to overcome this limitation of magnetron sputtering. In fact, in recent years MF magnetron sputtering has become one on the mainstream technology of sputtering due to its distinct benefits over conventional sputtering methods.  MFMS technology provides high level stability to the sputtering zone by eliminating the abnormal arc discharge of targets.  At the same time, it can produce denser ionization and help to increase the deposition rates without disturbing the basic benefits of magnetron sputtering. Maximum target unitization and uniformity of coating are also benefits of MFMS technology. Due to the dual target arrangement, MFMS become more versatile technology. 

At SMT, we use perfect blend of Magnetron sputtering and MF magnetron Sputtering technology to benefit our customer demands.