Plastic Injection Moulding

Nowadays, the raw materials used for injection moulding include wood fibres, metal powders, flame retardants and various additives as per their application. Plastic injection moulding process involves high pressure injection of the raw material into a mould to shape the polymers in required shapes. The high pressure injection of such abrasive raw materials results in deterioration of the mould and affects the quality of the product. Moulds surface often gets affected due to the aggressive conditions resulting in abrasive wear which have to be repaired frequently. In addition to it, growing tool complexity involves tinier, more intricate flow passages and more frequent use of moving cores and slides. All these aspect have driven development of various mould coatings that can keep moulds operating longer between repairs and enhance the life of it.

SMT provides solution to the moulding industry with perfect combination of coatings depending upon moulds application conditions. SMT with its wide range of surface modification enhances the mould wear resistance property and durability providing solution to this industry.