High Performance Coating for Aluminium Machining

SMT-ALUB is a wear resistant and low friction alloy coating deposited by the State-of-the-art physical vapour deposition (PVD) process.

SMT-ALUB is designed for soft aluminium, as well as aluminium alloys with low silicon and in dry, mist or wet lubricant conditions. SMT-ALUB is based on multilayer structure with low friction coating on top to avoid built up edges. SMT-ALUB has a wear and heat resistance matrix which keeps the coating intact and excels the performance of the coating. The Combination of the dense coating structure below and the low friction coating on top do extremely well compared to competitor's alternatives. SMT-ALUB is suitable for milling, drilling including deep hole, tapping, turning and gear cutting. SMT-ALUB is used for high precision machining of various components made of aluminium and their alloys with low silicon content. The thickness range of the coating is 1-3 µm and can be tailored as per application

SMT-ALUB Properties Features
• Hardness: 2500±200 HV • No built up edge
• Oxidation Temp: 8000C • low friction
• Friction coefficient: 0.25 • Heat resistance required in HSM and deep drilling
• Wear coefficient:5.0 x 10-14 m2/N • Wear resistance for Al alloys with high Si content
• Coating Structure: Monolayer  
• Colour: Silver  

Drilling and Tapping Drilling, Cutting and form tapping aluminium with and without Si.
Milling Dry and mist lubricated Aluminium milling.
Coating Performance  

Tool: Carbide Insert

Workpiece: Alu cast iron 10% Si

Cutting parameters:

vc = 1500 m/min

ft = 0.2 mm

Wet machining

Tool : HSS Tap M8,

Workpiece: AlSi9%

Tapping parameters

vc = 25 m/min

Blind hole 24mm

Machining mode

Emulsion Coolant