High performance coating for gear cutting and high speed machining application

SMT-XALCUT is a wear and Oxidation resistant aluminium titanium nitride based alloy coating deposited by the State-of-the-art physical vapour deposition (PVD) process.

SMT-XALCUT has exceptional performance compared to other coatings in many machining and metal fabricating applications. SMT-XALCUT performs better due to addition of aluminium to TiN, which increases hot hardness, as well as the oxidation stability of coating. At elevated temperatures, the formation of Al2 O3 oxide film takes place on the surface which inhibits further diffusion of oxygen within the coating. Also, Al2 O3 layer is hard in nature which keeps cutting edges intact even at high temperatures during high speed machining applications. SMT-XALCUT has excellent ductility together with hot hardness which makes SMT-XALCUT coated tool less susceptible of chipping when used for interrupted cutting. SMT-XALCUT coating features make it ideal for high speed cutting operations in difficult to machine materials. The coating thickness range is 1-4 µm and can be tailored as per application.

SMT-XALCUT Properties Features
• Hardness: 3300±200 HV • Excellent wear protection
• Oxidation Temp: 950oC • Excellent oxidation resistant
• Surface Roughness (Ra ): 0.2 µm • Excellent hot hardness
• Friction coefficient: 0.42 • Excellent adhesion
• Wear coefficient: 3.0 x 10-14 m2 /N • Low co-efficient of friction
• Coating structure: Monolayer • Excellent heat transfer
• Colour: Bluish grey • Good impact resistant

Gear Hob Enhances productivity and precision in gear cutting application.
High speed cutting Excellent performance in cutting alloys steel, stainless steels where high temperatures are generated at cutting edges.
Dry machining Superior high temperature stability in cutting applications without coolant
Extrusion dies Reduces friction and wear at the die surface
Coating Performance  

Tool: Carbide End mill, Ø 10mm

Workpiece: Steel 1.2344 (AISI H13), 45 HRC

Cutting parameters:

Cutting data: vc = 180 m/min

fz = 0.1 mm/rev

Vb = 0.10 mm


Tool: PM HSS Hob

Workpiece: Steel 1.7131 (AISI 5120)

Cutting parameters:

vc = 200 m/min

vb = 0.3 mm