Cutting Tools

With the approach towards future, there is a growing challenge facing cutting tool manufacturers, tool users and those who provide surface engineering solutions to enhance tool performance. To maximise on productivity and the cost effectiveness of manufacture, current developing trends in cutting tool technology include high-speed machining, near net shape machining of difficult to cut materials and dry cutting. To enable these trends to continue, developments in machine tool design and control along with coolant and lubrication science must advance in parallel with developments in cutting tool technology, including the application of advanced surface engineering treatments.

SMT recognized these challenges and moved with the cutting tool technology to provide perfect solutions and boost this industry growth. We provide solutions to various cutting applications like Hobs, shaping cutters, high speed end mills and drills for CNC machining, taps etc. SMT's cutting tools coating range with excellent tribological and mechanical properties boost the productivity with superior cutting speed and feed rate and less machine downtime.