SMT- 247

High performance coating for wear, corrosive and medical application

SMT-247 is a chromium nitride based wear and corrosion resistant hard coating deposited by the State-of-the-art physical vapour deposition (PVD) process.

SMT-247 coating provides superior performance and toughness in metal fabrication and wear applications. SMT-247 can be used as a better substitute for other surface enhancement techniques, such as chromium plating, thermal diffusion process. SMT-247 is two times harder as compared with conventional hard chrome plating. The high hardness, excellent oxidation resistant, low coefficient of friction and low residual stress levels of SMT-247 coating combine to resist abrasive wear, metal-on-metal wear and galling. Inert nature of coating does not allow any chemical reaction with surrounding environment. The metallic silver colour is similar in appearance to polished stainless steel. The low temperature deposition process allows coating of close tolerance, precision tools that are unsuited with high temperature CVD and thermal diffusion processes. The bio-compatibility nature makes the coating more versatile. The thickness range is 1-6 µm and can be tailored as per application

SMT-247 Properties Features
• Hardness: 2000±400 HV • Good wear protection
• Oxidation Temp: 700oC • Good Corrosion resistance
• Surface Roughness (Ra): 0.25 µm • Superior oxidation stability
• Friction coefficient: 0.55 • Good ductility
• Wear coefficient:5.5 x 10-14 m2/N • Biocompatible
• Coating Structure: Monolayer  
• Colour: Silver-Grey  

Tablet tooling punches and dies Reduces sticking of the formulation on the tool and protects it from abrasive wear, results in improving productivity
Extrusion dies Reduces friction and wear at the die surface.
Metal forming Reduces chances of galling results in improving tools lifetime
Plastic injection moulding Moulds, Nozzles, Extrusion screw, Reduces material sticking, corrosion.
Die casting Sheet metal bending and forming. Reduces scoring marks, material sticking, galling
Textile Guide combs, Traveller rings. Reduces friction
Medical implants Used at abrasive parts of body like elbow joints, Hip implants
Surgical instruments Used for surgical knife, slitters, clamps, blades.etc Reduces corrosion
Piston Rings and Pins Used to reduce abrasive and adhesive wear of the components
Coating Performance
Tool: Tap M2 (hardness60-62 HRC)
Workpiece: Sheet metal 1018
Coolant: Non