Pharmaceutical Application

Pharma industry has become very much stringent in maintaining their quality standards in tablet toolings, capsule filling, anti-sticking and anti-corrosive tool surface, etc. They have to tackle with highly abrasive and corrosive formulations during tablets and capsules production process without disturbing their aesthetics standards. Also, growing demand of the ayurveda has introduced new challenges in front of the pharma industry. Ayurvedic powders contain hard particles which abrade the tools surface frequently. Also, most of formulations are hygroscopic outcomes in escalating the sticking nature.

To outcome these situations, they need to transfigure the tooling materials, surface treatments and their surface modifications. Surface coatings like hard chrome plating, nickel plating reduces these issues up to some extent but not at par with the pharma industry standards. Introduction of PVD coatings into this industry provided a boost in their productivity.

SMT is providing perfect solution to pharma industry and help them to improve their productivity by sharing the knowhow. SMT Pharma Grade coatings have provided a better and eco-friendly alternative of electroplating to this industry. The transition metal nitride coatings deposited using Physical vapour deposition technique is highly corrosion and wear resistant. Their chemical inert nature due to very low surface energy complements to its anti-sticking nature. These coatings persist with atleast two fold more hardness compared to any electroplating which keeps it one step ahead in processing abrasive formulation. Also, various components like Die table (Turret), Die, tapping piston, Sliding sheets, Capsule pin body and cap etc., are also PVD coated for enhancing the abrasion and corrosion resistance properties.